Welcome to my Tax Site. This site will go into detail on what I would do if I could revamp the US Tax system. I believe this method to be the most fair system for everyone involved. The system to be used will be a 3 tier sales tax system. This will mean that there will be three tiers (Essentials, Standard, Luxury), and each tier will have a sales tax amount (0%, 30%, 45%). While the sales tax seems like a very high amount, keep in mind that this will replace income, and property taxes.

Out of the taxes, 1/3 will go to the federal government, 1/3 will go to the state that the business is headquartered at, and 1/3 will go to the state of the sale. This will mean that states will receive a reliable source of income, and promote states to compete to get as many businesses headquarters in their state as possible.

One would think that this will hurt the poor. However, most of the things the poor is buying is essential items. With this tax system, all essentials is at 0%. This means buying essentials, the person will not be paying sales tax. In the occasion where they will buy a non-essential item, they are paying sales tax on that one item they are buying. No matter what, taxes always hurt the poor. At least with this method, the taxes will hurt the poor as little as possible.